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Education Consulting

Your student deserves the most ideal environment in which to learn, grow and develop. Our education consulting service helps students & their families discover such a domain in which will maximize their opportunity for success. We bring clarity to a vast & confusing array of global educational options so that you can make a wiser investment in your student's education.


Application Filing

A bulletproof application is the first step towards securing school admission and/or a student visa. An application with missing documents may be delayed, discarded, or misinterpreted by the school authorities. Our applications filing service ensures that your student's application forms are not only complete, but also they are appropriately written, and are sent to the right officials.


Exam Preparation

The increasingly competitive landscape of international students going to English-speaking universities is making exam scores ever more important when being considered for enrollment. Our test-prep courses feature techniques on how to deal with exams like the SAT & TOEFL, so that your student can increase his or her score & become more competitive than his or her peers.



Next Education is the sister company of Kornova Investments Inc., a leading immigration firm based in Halifax, Canada. Over the past twenty years Kornova has proudly assisted hundreds of families immigrate to Canada. Together, Next Education and Kornova can offer our clients the best consultations for both study abroad guidance along with immigration consultancy.


Events & Seminars

We are dedicated to furthering the development of our community within and around the Ho Chi Minh City area regarding overseas study. Specifially, we offer seminars on timely topics relevant to succeeding in the constantly changing educational and professional environment students & their families must operate in today, enlisting distinguished experts in the topics they are presenting.


Student Support

Getting into the classroom is only half the battle of taking up a new life in a new country as a young student. Housing, insurance, health care, banking, work permits & more are all part of an international student's daily life. We make this transition easy by partnering with trusted service providers, so that your student can focus on what matters most: his or her studies!


We're Next Education
Client As Partner

We're a boutique education & immigration consultancy located in Ho Chi Minh City,
Vietnam. We believe in small teams working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients.

  • We're Knowledgeable
    Advising With Wisdom

    We're Knowledgeable
    Advising With Wisdom

    We believe knowledge is power.

    As a result of over 10 years of experience working closely with the education systems and immigration policies of both Canada and the United States, we maintain the most powerful knowledge-base in the entire study abroad market of how Vietnamese students can get the most out of a foreign education in North America. We know better than anyone the educational landscape of North America and the specific educational needs of Vietnamese students. We're extremely well versed in all of the various and ever-changing visa requirements for individual study plans, and we appreciate and consider Asian values while helping our clients prepare for a successful overseas study campaign. This wisdom is our core expertise and our primary differentiator. It speaks to our performance and our professionalism.

    We never have to guess. We make it our business to know our business!

  • We're Professional
    Operating With Polish

    We're Professional
    Operating With Polish

    We believe professionalism is the result of consistent quality, excellence, and sophistication.

    Everything we do - from meeting with and communicating to our clients, school officials, & government agencies, to crafting custom education plans, to even our stationary - we persistently do it in an elegant, professional, and polished manner with distinguished form. We exist to help our clients improve their prospects and have more and better opportunities. Our mission is audaciously large, and it's something we take very seriously. It motivates every step we take. Instead of acting impulsive or untrained, we take each step with deliberate planning, craftsmanship, and focus.

    And then we get the job done!

  • We're Straightforward
    Consulting With Integrity

    We're Straightforward
    Consulting With Integrity

    We believe there's no legacy as rich as honesty.

    We speak the truth and nothing but the truth. We're open and honest. We avoid aloof corporate language, phony marketing spin, and telling our clients only what we think they want to hear. Instead, we're focused on telling our clients what they NEED to hear (and do) in order to be accepted into the right program, school, and country, even if they may not want to hear it. We recommend and create plans based on a client’s true needs, and NOT on the relationship we have with particular schools. And if we don’t have a program that meets a prospective client's specific needs, then we simply tell him or her that we cannot help...

    We see ourselves less as a company and more of a team of humans helping other humans, so being friendly, sincere, and straightforward comes very naturally to us.

Our Expertise
Mastery of study abroad

Our skills are specific and fine-tuned. We are specialists not generalists. We specialize in creating innovative and effective education plans that match the individual needs of our clients who want to maximize their overseas study experience and family opportunity. This includes expertise in everything from finding the right program, the right school, and the right country to securing school enrollment and obtaining the student visa.

Visa Documentation92%

Foreign Education Systems 100%

Credentials Assessment90%

Immigration Policy95%


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Meet Our Team
The People Behind Next

We are a small, passionate, & powerful team of education & immigration consultants with
over a decade of experience. We're talented people with heavy hearts, big ideas, and creative minds.

Geoffrey Klein
Managing Director

Wonjoon Kang
Director Of Immigration

Le Thi Thuy Dung
Education Consultant

USA & Canada
World-Class Education

At Next Education, we boast a special connection to USA & Canada. We work closely with many of their excellent institutions, and as a result, we retain a deep "insider" knowledge of the educational landscapes of both countries.

USA & Canada’s educational institutions encourage new students from abroad, and they strive to grow their international student population. Let us help ensure that your child is one of them.

What We Do
Our Services

We offer high-touch, hands-on, bespoke professional overseas education
consulting services. We work together with our clients to deliver a first-class final product.

Education Consulting
Program, school, & country

Application Filing
School enrollment & visa

Exam Preparation

Work & live in N. America

Events & Seminars
Learn the latest & greatest

Student Support
Insurance, bookings, & more

Our Process
How we work

Because we treat each client as a partner, our solutions are born out of collaboration. We talk, we listen, we answer to your needs. We use simple, wise, and honest communication. We believe that transparency of our actions will allow for building trust which in turn is a key to a successful business relationship.

For most cases, our core consulting services are based on a simple 3 step process: 1) Discovery 2) Strategy 3) Execution.

Getting to know the student is at the heart of everything we do. We begin each new case with a careful examinination of the student's overall education objectives, requirements, & needs.

From the student's discovery, we design & develop a bulletproof plan to exceed their goals. We consider the big picture, taking into account all variables that will effect the student's overall experience.

We put the strategy into action, and deliver the final product. We make the necessary contacts, produce the required paperwork, and prepare the student for a successfull overseas study experience.

Want to study abroad?

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